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Welcome! July 27, 2009

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This blog will serve as the greenhouse for our Fertile Ground community: a place to plant ideas, spark innovation and collaboration and share the progress of your world premiere project with the audience and our regional and national colleagues.

All Fertile Ground participants will have the opportunity to post thoughts, progress reports, questions, resources and opportunities on this blog. We hope you will use it as a resource to build community, find collaborators, and share your development process with the world.

Before we begin, however, I thought you might enjoy a look back at the 2009 Inaugural year of the festival:

Matt Zrebski and Eugenia Woods at closing party{Playwrights Matt Zrebski and Eugenia Woods at the closing party, 209.}

Fall of the House Cast

{The kids from Action/Adventure, whose serial semi-improvised soap opera was a festival highlight.}

Patron at lunchbox reading{Patrons at one of the Lunchbox noon readings at the Armory.}

Apollo reaching webready

{Nancy Keystone’s World Premiere Apollo, on the Armory Main Stage}

Boxes 2008 by Gabriel Darling{The cast from Jessamyn Rae’s Boxes, an investigation of gender identity and family politics that received a workshop reading at the festival.}

Breaking and Entering{The playwrights of Breaking and Entering, the collaborators behind Foreplay at the Someday, a project that sold out the Someday Lounge.}

Shelly, Laura and Patrick at closing party{Vitriol and Violets playwright Shelly Lipkin, actress Lara Kobrin and Open City playwright Patrick Wohlmut at the closing night party.}

Tommy Twimble{Performance artist Thomas Schroyer as Tommy Twimble during the Late Night Hothouse series.}

Heart of the City copy{Bobby Bermea, playwright and performer of Heart of the City, with fellow performer Jamie Rea.}

Ohana - Jojopatamus1{The Kim Berstler and Katie Ortolano, the girls of Ohana SE PDX Children’s Theater in The Adventures of Jojopotamus and his Best Friend Ralphred.}

There’s much more, I’m sure. Send me your production photos (and your impressions of each other’s work) from last year’s Fertile Ground Festival to trisham@pcs.organd I will be happy to post them here.


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