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Claire’s Little Red Pen October 23, 2009


Claire’s got a new post up on her blog about the process of taking her notes from her meeting with Mead Hunter and turning it into LOPPING A FULL HALF HOUR OUT OF HER PLAY.

No that’s what I call editing. Here’s the start of her post… and its got me thinking I should be hiring Mead to edit my BLOG posts, and possibly even my emails. God he’s good.

So, the good news is that after going over Mead’s notes and my notes, I was able to bust through and cut over 24 pages out of the script fairly painlessly. I sort of went through it with a machete and hacked away left and right, anyplace where there were chunks of dialogue that seemed repetitive, or things were being over-explained, or someone was saying the exact same thing but in nineteen different ways (what can I say, I write like I talk). There’s still more cuts to be made, I’m sure; I’m hoping to take some time this weekend to go through with a fine-toothed comb and sort of work out the kinks a little; like, are there tiny tweaks that need to be made to smooth over a place where I hacked out two whole pages? (ANSWER: Yes.) But since that means I’ve cut fully like half an hour out of the running time, I’m feeling pretty good. It was surprising, after talking through it with Mead for so long, how easily the cuts came; like the first pass through, I just sort of skimmed through it and highlighted (with that oh-so-satisfying MS Word cross-out function, like so) everything that seemed like it could be cut…

Read the rest of her post.


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