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SexyNurd: I’m Frightened…and Yet Strangely Titillated October 29, 2009

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hasselhoff1{photo: David Hasselhoff or SexyNurd…who would you rather screw?}

This guy (the one on the right, not the left) is one of our Fertile Ground participants this year…and he describes his one man world premiere show SexyNurd as being the tale of a “rock star trapped in a nerd’s body.”

Here’s a pic from their recent photo shoot:


Um… I can’t decide whether to shudder or gasp or giggle. Maybe all three?

Either way AuGi (aka SexyNurd) was a performer in last season’s packed to the rafters Talking Dogs reading (by the inimitable Pema Teeter). Looking forward to seeing what this guy does under his own steam. Um, maybe that was the wrong metaphor.

In any case, you can sneak a peek at AuGi’s SexyNurd persona (again, possibly a poor choice of metaphors here) by

SexyNurd, we love you. Just not, you know, from up close.


One Response to “SexyNurd: I’m Frightened…and Yet Strangely Titillated”

  1. auGi Says:

    Hi Trisha,

    Thanks for the post. I’m glad you mentioned my “steam.”

    SexyNurd factoid:

    This so-called “steam” is manufactured deep within the magma of my rock star heart, released into the atmosphere through my gigantic forehead, and known to create tingling sensations across entire continents.

    I think that may have been the cause of your metaphor.

    Looking forward to Fertile Ground!

    Your SexyNurd,


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