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Fertile Ground Gets More SENSATIONAL November 10, 2009

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One of our intriguing new groups participating in this year’s Fertile Ground Festival is Pulp Stages, a troupe dedicated to all things sensational, genre and pulpy. Got a missive from the group’s organizer, the sensationally-sized “Tall” Matt Haynes.

Hey gang,
Tall Matt Haynes here.
I’m producing a late night reading series of new plays that are of the Pulp genre. We call the event Pulp Diction. Our plays deal with sensationalist goodness like vampires, avatars, psycho killers, private eyes, drag divas, superheroes and much more…
It’s all being held at the Brody Theater, downtown on Burnside and Broadway, 7:30 on Sunday January 24th and then at 10:30 the following Tues-Thurs. Different plays each night. Hot food and cold beer are available.

Check out our website: http://thepulpstage.weebly.com
Since THE PULP STAGE is not the only company doing readings, we would be happy to band together with the other reading groups in cross-promoting.
This could be in the form of:
-Putting ads in each others programs
-Pooling together to get ad space in the Fertile Ground program or the papers.
-Pitching the other readings happening before our own
-Passing out post cards or business cards of each other’s stuff before our own shows.
-Any other ideas?

Keep having fun and drop a line if you can.


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