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Strange Bedfellows: The Art of Collaboration November 10, 2009

Phaedra 1Pulp Stage’s “Tall” Matt Haynes talks about the fruits of unexpected collaborators and the delightful matches that can be made when you throw an idea out into the universe and see what new partners it catches.

Hey gang,
Tall Matt Haynes here.
I don’t know about the rest of you producers but for me the joy of this position is the new connections you make as you reach out for support: You put messages in e-bottles and cast them in as many directions as you can in the spirit of “What can it hurt?” Suddenly you’ve got delightful collaborators drifting your way from all sorts of surprising places.
There are now over 20 people and five organizations involved in Pulp Diction. All of them are excellent. Many of them were a surprise. Here are some samples and links if you want to learn more about these folks:

-As I looked for a venue that had either a stage or a bar, my now-PR-Manager Brian Allard directed me to The Brody which has both AND a sweet tooth for pulp (www.brodytheater.com)

-Oregon Book Award winner, Steve Patterson, agreed to not only let Pulp Diction test-drive his new play “The Rewrite Man” but also to help out with our publicity campaign.( http://)

-Looking for some help with image design, Nicole Lane referred me to Hypnokomix a new comic book company that is designing our brand and even adapted a comic, “Beach Blanket Beyond” for our reading series. (http://www.hypnokomix.com)

-The nearby drag club, Portland Embers, has agreed to let us cross-promote with them and one of their queens, Phaedra Knight will be hosting our shows (www.emberspdx.net)

-Nationally renowned voice actor and storyteller, Bill Ratner will be flying in from LA to perform in his play, GOLD which he submitted for the reading series (www.billratner.com)

And much more… This has been very exciting and fun. Hopefully the shows will be equally if not more so.


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