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The Sweet Season January 16, 2010

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Here at production central–what could I be forgetting? I’ve barely noticed the holiday buildup–well there’s the wax buildup on my counter top from the Chanukah candles but I’ve avoided much of the crazy–or have I missed out on great commercial-cum-national bonding session?
This week’s post is installment 2 in my big show blog at http://Miriamfeder.com Just scroll down the page to pick up Installment 1, if you’re a stickler for order. I’ve also reposted What is Chanukah All About and Manhattan Christmas (coming next Saturday.)–this time the In Print versions–since so many of you like those. (thanks!) I’ve recorded them with http://30hourday.org/ for a fundraiser for the Oregon Food Bank, Toys for Tots and other charities. Check out this interesting high tech community project.
Are you able to put out a call to arms, or rather, a call to the show? You have contact lists and many of you are facebookers. Here’s a little item you might post as your facebook status or edit a little for an email blast. (Wouldn’t you like to be part of a healthy virus? )
Miriam Feder is premiering her original musical in PDX Jan 15–31–The Only Way Out is Through–at the Sellwood Masonic Lodge. Take a look at her fanpage. Leave comments (she’d love that.) Copy this and make it your status today. Let’s see if we can help fill her shows. Tickets are available through her website at miriamfeder.com
—now you go to those funny little icons below the box and click on the piece of paper icon–“add a link”–and paste in this link to my fan page: http://www.facebook.com/board.php?uid=148636909781#/pages/The-Only-Way-Out-is-Through/146421976618?ref=ts
Or paste in the link to my website http:///miriamfeder.com if you think they’d prefer that (this is probably better but some people might prefer to stay in the facebook environment–dunno why.)
This will really help my cheap marketing campaign and bring cheer to the gloomiest month. If you’re interested in VOLUNTEERING, if you want to talk about CHEAP TICKETS FOR YOUR GROUP please email me!
Thanks! Wishing you lots of holiday love, chocolate and cheer.
The Only Way Out is Through
See the show! January 15-31
Sellwood Masonic Lodge, PDX


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