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Why a Festival? Australia Provides Some Intriguing Answers January 21, 2010

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For such a relatively small population, Australia has boasted some MAJOR arts Festivals, showcasing international artists and championing local talent that has gone on to international acclaim.

But what benefit, beyond the tourist driven attractions of a blockbuster events, have festivals provided to the country. The Australian weighs in with a compelling argument that “[Festivals] play a crucial role in seeding our collective and individual imaginations, in stirring the cultural pond so it doesn’t sink into stagnation, and in building audiences for new artistic work.”

and for the individual person? They suggest, “For the individual audience member, a single brilliant performance can be, literally, life-changing. It’s the rare experience that lights up the hidden arenas of the psyche, uniting the possibilities of art with the possibilities of our own lives.”

Seeding the collective imagination. I cannot imagine a more precise statement to sum up the goals of Fertile Ground. Food for thought, indeed.

Read the full article here.


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