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A Thoughtful look at the Lunch Time and Late Night Armory Shows January 24, 2010

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Marty Hughley from The Oregonian has had a chance to check out a couple of the “Down and Dirty at 12:30” lunch time readings on the Armory Mezzanine, as well as the late night “Hothouse” performances. He shares what he’s seen so far.

Among his thoughts:

“Friday night, Portland Gallery Playwrights Group presented short plays or work-in-progress snippets by several of its members. The songwriter/pianist Fred Stickley played a pair of songs from a musical he’s working on with writer Marguerite Scott. “West 23rd” was a breezy pop tune reminiscent of the 1960s Brill Building style of Gerry Goffin, Carol King, et al; “Portland, O’ Portland” was a sweet tribute to the city, though it read too much like a list of post-card sites, not personal connections.

Andrew Wardnaar’s “Good One, God” was a widower’s touching recollection spoken as a now friendly, now angry talk with the Almighty. Rebecca Frost Mayer’s “The Elevator” and Brian Kettler’s “Personal” were similarly concise and intriguing, if less clear in their meanings.”

Read the article here.


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