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Dirtybomb Playwright Takes You Inside the Mind of a Festival Playwright/Producer January 27, 2010

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New to Portland playwright Rob Newton joins the festival for the first time this year, and like many of our project participants, was creating and producing his world premiere himself. He shares his experience of going from zero to world premiere on his blog. Here’s an excerpt:

So, we’ve made it through our first weekend of DIRTY BOMB in the Fertile Ground Festival (three and a third shows to go). It’s been such an intense and jarring ride (and it ain’t over yet). We started from scratch on January 4th and opened an amazingly accomplished piece of theater less than three weeks later. I am a one man operation, no producing company, no mailing lists, no assistants, just me. This process started for me when I saw a show in the festival last year made by my friend, Eleanor O’Brien, and I was inspired. I went to an informational meeting in August, signed up a few days later, and started looking for a space. I have to say, that because of the compressed time frame for the festival (and it’s burgeoning popularity), every theater space I contacted had already been booked for the Fest dates. It forced me to look elsewhere

Read the rest of his insights about playwrighting, producing, and participating in the festival here.


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