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WHAT IS FAMILY? January 27, 2010

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Here’s a great new post from Polaris Dance’s Bernadette Doolan:

Life is a road trip that needs willing passengers in order to acknowledge the importance of a shared existence and to punctuate our lives. Family filled that role instinctually since time began, but modern society has allowed us travel far from our biological roots. This has caused a shift in how we define and extend our DNA to include folk that fulfill our emotional needs for kinship. Sometimes we are fortunate to find souls that heal our wounds, understand our genetic demons, and support our personal journeys.

Polaris is not alone in focusing artistically on the human condition. Not realizing that it would be this endeavor that would lay the foundation for the Polaris Family. Please watch our documentary and catch a glimpse of not only what it means to be a dance company but also how our relationship and commitment to each other could only be classed as family.


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