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Fertile Ground 2011 Playwright Interview Series October 23, 2010

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The leaves are changing on the trees . . .

There’s a snap in the air . . .

Cute sweaters and coats are on sale at the mall . . .

There are pumpkins on every doorstep . . .

It can only mean one thing  . . .

It’s time for Fertile Ground playwrights to start hyperventilating about only having two and a half months left to finish their projects.

This year, the festival blog will be featuring a series of interviews with participating artists, to give y’all a chance to get to know some of the smart, creative people who are inventing new pieces of art using only the power of their giant brains – their stories, what makes them tick, how they write, who they are.  If you or someone you love is a Fertile Ground artist with a project in the festival, and you/they want to be interviewed, shoot me an email at miss.willett at gmail dot com and I’ll send you the interview questions.


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