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David’s Birthday Bash Extravaganza December 20, 2010

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What child doesn’t love Christmas?  Thank you mom and dad for taking this picture.
You’re both lucky I never turned your asses in.

Care to join us for David’s Birthday Extravaganza?

David Saffert – piano/actor
Bob Ladewig, Scott Rogers & Jenn Hunter – actors
Don Power & Annie Harkey- Power – violin & cello
Lucas Threefoot, Javier Ubell & Steven Houser – Oregon Ballet Theatre dancers
Venue: Curious Comedy Theatre
When: January 21st & 22nd    8 PM 

Ticket Price: $10 in advance/$12 at the door
Flash Your “DIG IT!” Button and Save:  Tickets $10 at door with “DIG IT!” Button – if seats are available.

Birthday variety show containing music, comedy, dance, and the kitchen sink.
It’s my birthday! Everyone is invited! I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! I’m planning so many fun things. You know I play piano, right? So there’s going to be outstanding piano music. Toe-tapping even. My friends Don Power and Annie Harkey-Power will join me. They play violin and cello. But wait! Read about this! Lucas Threefoot, Javier Ubell, and Steven Houser from Oregon Ballet Theatre are gonna dance like precious ponies. (But if they come in tutus they’re getting the boot.) And I can’t forget Bob Ladewig, Scott Rogers, and Jenn Hunter. They are actors/comedians. Some people choose to be one or the other. But not these guys! They’re rebels. They just don’t give a fuck. That reminds me. This show may or may not be appropriate for all ages. See, I’m turning 36. I get a whore mouth every now and then. But if your kids like that, bring the bastards. Basically, I’m packing a whole show with everything I’ve ever wanted to do. It’s a treat for me AND you. And please don’t worry about bringing presents. Your presents is presents enough.

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