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Bridgetown: A Musical January 18, 2011

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Book by Karen Alexander-Brown
Music by Fred Gerard Stickley
Directed by Bruce Hostetler
The musical, BRIDGETOWN, is a celebration of all that is associated with the culture of Portland: local
boutiques, great music, activism, creativity, grassroots opportunities, nearby coastal beaches. However,
the musical also touches upon Portland’s less celebrated aspects: economic difficulties, unemployment,homelessness, the sex trade, feckless relationships, and the uneasy relationship between local and Big
Business. As in many classic plays, the relationships in the beginning are wrong matches destined to fail. However, their resolution in this musical is as original as Portland itself. Join us for an evening celebrating the uniqueness of Portland. Purchase a Voodoo donut or a glass of wine, and experience a musical about finding one’s place (or not) in the city of bridges. Adult language and mature themes.
Purchase tickets online or pay cash at the door.

This show is a part of the Fertile Ground Festival.

NOTE: Map location in Festival Brochure is incorrect. Conduit Dance is in downtown Portland. Please see map on the Fertile Ground Events page.


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