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Passholders. If we dont know them, who are they? January 22, 2011

Filed under: Shows — jwallenfels @ 8:12 pm

Met two great ladies last night at Ostlund & Co. Talking heatedly about “My mind is like an open meadow.” after first eavesdropping on and then busting in to their convo, I (being a theatre maven and not recognizing them) asked why they’d bought passes. One used to do theatre with her own company in ca and the other used to and still dances a little. I thought it was so cool, and duh, that our audiences come from people that have experienced their own connection to the arts. It’s not nec how irresistible yr press photo is or how smart yr copy. These ladies had insightful discernment and love maintaining their relationship to arts as patrons. Hallelujah.


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