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A Final Moment of Inspirations January 29, 2012

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As we reach the final day of the 2012 Fertile Ground Festival, we are reminded that one of the goals of the festival is to inspire YOU to find fertile ground for your own acts of creation. To get you going, here is a final round up of festival project inspirations, and a request: In the comments below, tell us: What were YOU inspired by at this year’s festival?

We were struck this year by how many projects were inspired by the death of a family member- what legacies in your life would you like to see preserved through art?

My mother peacefully left this world from her hospital bed in March 2010 and I was suddenly seized both with an urgency to tell her tale and the permission to do so. Ephemory, a reading, written and directed by Miriam Feder.

My Grandpa passed away last year, I never got a chance to know him well, but I wanted to create something that honored him. –
Sarah Soards, Trifecta.

“I was sitting on a hospital bed in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the University of Michigan’s Cardiology Centre while my Father was speaking with my older brother, my younger sister and myself about his will should he not successfully pull through surgery. Of course this brought much surprise and speculation. And as he began to speak I could sense the visceral behavior in both my sister and brother and I thought, this is surreal. And, although we never had to soothe his ego with praise and love there was much unspoken behavior to what our futures might look like.”

Thus was born “The Season of Lear.” -Michael Mendelson, The Season of Lear (with CS Whitcomb)

Others were inspired by survival, often their own. What have you survived that needs sharing?

I’m sitting in a coffee shop with a woman I admire asking how to move from acting student to actor when she says she can tell I have a history, though I wear it well, and perhaps I should consider a one woman-show; and in that moment I suddenly wonder what it would be like to stop hiding and running from my time being homeless–do a 180 and just throw all that raw truth up on the stage. – Eileen DuClos, City of Roses/City of Thorns

I was in the lobby of the theatre where Lunacy performs looking at true stories of people’s lives that had been submitted for the creation of a theatre piece and I came across this quote by Alice Walker: We who have survived fierce battle must tell our war stories over and over again. – Lunacy StageWorks, Stories: From Survivors of the Sex Trade.

I was in the midst of chaos; knowing I had to move but clinging to the hope that things wouldn’t have to change, and as I sat watching an interview with the Dali Llama he said that whenever we are in crisis we need to remind ourselves that this is temporary. – Debbie Lamedman,This is Temporary

What inspired you this year at the Fertile Ground Festival? Do tell.


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